MiMO joins the knowledge and experience of the past with the visions and techniques of the future.

Mim (or Mimer in Danish and Swedish) is the god of knowledge and wisdom in Norse mythology. He guards the Well of Wisdom which runs under the roots of Yggdrasil – the World Tree. 
Wouldn't we all like to have a sip of that?

MIMO is the acronym for Multiple Input and Multiple Output. In the world of radio it describes the use of multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver ends to improve communication performance.
This is an excellent metaphor for how the company MiMO works: In close collaboration with you, I strive to deliver superior solutions to your needs based on valuable input from you and other relevant sources of information, such as groundbreaking research, techniques and methodologies - or the inspirational world of fiction. 
Whether it is within consulting, communication or creative writing – my expertise aims to improve your performance.
Michelle P. Tonnesen is an experienced business consultant specialised in successful management of organisational change projects and communication in international organisations. 

She has designed and delivered numerous strategic projects, workshops, training programmes and coaching to all organisational levels from multinational corporations to small, local businesses. 

She is an award-winning writer who has worked with written and oral communication from a variety of perspectives: business, academic and creative media. Her nonfictional work has been published in international magazines, and her novels - The Cosmopolitan Islander and Desert Skies, Rebel Souls - are available as paperback and e-book from major online retailers.
She has a Master’s Degree in International Business and Modern Languages with a major in Intercultural Communication. She has also studied Creative Writing at London School of Journalism, Faber Academy and Isle of Man College.

You can find out more about Michelle P. Tonnesen's writing endeavours on her author website.